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The latest stalkers aid from Mannser of Germany, is the portable gambrel as seen on the Field Sports Channel and on Facebook.
This height adjustable, stainless steel device fits onto the tow hitch of most 4x4s, Quad bikes, mules and Argos.
It comes in 3 easy to put together pieces and, once assembled, the height is adjustable between 130cm and 180cm.
The horizontal top bar has various settings for the hooks, enabling you to hang carcasses of differing sizes - from a muntjac to a deer of 80kgs, making the job of gralloching much easier, and keeping any body fluids from contaminating the meat.
As easy to dismantle as it is to assemble, and packs down small enough to store in the boot of a car, its total weight is under 6kgs.

Also available is the WATER SPRAY UNIT that powers from a 12v socket in the car and the WILD HOOK - this is useful in the recovery of larger carcasses.

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mannser portable gambrel

Mannser Portable Gambrel

mannser portable gambrel

Mannser Portable Gambrel

mannser portable gambrel

Mannser Portable Gambrel

mannser portable gambrel

Mannser Portable Gambrel

mannser rib stretcher

Mannser Rib Stretcher

mannser rabbit box

Mannser Rabbit Box

mannser portable gambrel water spray unit

Water Spray Unit



quad bike rifle rest and basket

Rifle Rest and Basket

Rifle Rest and Mesh Basket - New Design
Fits most quads.
Easy to fit.
Made of lightweight metal, and powder coated.

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landig lu4500 wild refrigerator

Landig LU 4500 Game Refrigerator

This professional game fridge is one of the most economical unit (only 0.6kWh per 24 hours) availabe for refrigerating up to 2 pieces deer.
With approximately 435 litres capacity and the new increased interior height of 1695mm, larger animals can be hung straight.
Equipped with LWS-Tronic, the turbo system cools the device in the range -5C to +16C and reaches the desired temperature within a few minutes.
Fully automatic condensate evaporation.
Suspension from stainless steel with 1 lane in the middle can carry loads up to 150kgs.
Weight: 85kgs.
The National Gamekeepers' Organisation The Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group The World Pheasant Association The British Association for Shooting & Conservation The Game Conservancy Trust