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We hold the majority of the items featured here in stock, or they are manufactured on the premises.  However, if there are any products you require that are not in stock, we can arrange for delivery within a day or two.

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Bitfitter Bits are supplied on an arrow removed after inserting in the bitfitter tool.
Also, because the Bumpa Bit extends beyond the beak, birds must be trough fed.
anti-peck bits size a

Size 'A' Plastic Anti-Peck Bits (small)

anti-peck bits size b

Size 'B' Plastic Anti-Peck Bits (medium)

anti-peck bits size c

Size 'C' Plastic Anti-Peck Bits (large)

size a bitfitter tool

Size 'A' Bitfitter Tool (small)

size b bitfitter tool

Size 'B' Bitfitter Tool (medium)

size c bitfitter tool

Size 'C' Bitfitter Tool (large)

size a bitfitter mini bits

Size 'A' Bitfitter Mini Bits (1-4 weeks)

size b bitfitter chunky bit

Size 'B' Bitfitter Chunky Bit (standard)

size b bitfitter chunky bit soft

Size 'B' Bitfitter Chunky Bit (soft) Standard (2-7 weeks)

size b bitfitter standard bits

Size 'B' Bitfitter Standard Bits (3-6 weeks)

size b bitfitter thick & thin bits

Size 'B' Bitfitter Thick & Thin Bits

size c bitfitter maxi bits

Size 'C' Bitfitter Maxi Bits

size c bitfitter maxi bio bits

Size 'C' Bitfitter Maxi Bio Bits (8-12 weeks)

bumpa bits standard

Bumpa Bits (standard) 30mm (7 weeks on)

bumpa bits long

Bumpa Bits (long) 35mm (9 weeks on & breeding stock)

bumpa bits auto fitter

Bumpa Bits Auto Fitter

clip-on specs poult

Clip-on-Specs (poult/partridge)

clip-on specs adult

Clip-on-Specs (adult)

flexi specs

Flexi Specs


Disposable cardboard chick boxes.
The lid allows four different ventilation settings for different weather conditions.
plastic chick boxes

Plastic Chick Boxes

This heavy duty four compartment chick box can be power washed to maintain a good hygiene policy.
The boxes stack inside each other for storage and turned 180 degrees stack ready for use.
If required multi-boxes can be stacked and only one lid used on the top of each stack.
Lid supplied separately.
Suitable for 100 chicks of most breeds of poultry.
UV stable with good ventilation.
Size (external) 69cm x 49cm x 16cm.


egg candlers

Egg Candlers

Egg Candlers are normally used during incubation in order to follow the embryos' development within the eggs, as it produces a concentrated ray of light which allows you to see inside.
Infertile eggs and dead embryos should be removed from incubation as they can give off a gas that can be harmful to other eggs in the incubator.
Also the air space can be gauged and humidity adjusted accordingly.
electric hens

Electric Hens

This traditional method of rearing chicks is becoming more and more popular.
The heating element is located inside the main body and provides a constant low heat.
Add shavings into the top to provide insulation.
The chicks rub up against the warm underside of the Electric Hen.
Suitable for up to 125 pheasant or 100 chicken chicks.
The heat element in these is only 87w so they are very economical on power consumption.
The heat element is robust/water resistant and long lasting.
Height adjustable legs.
Dimensions: approx 3ft x 2ft.
heat blanket

Heat Blanket

Spare blanket for electric hens.
This is the new design blanket element that is fully protected and sealed for long term trouble free use.
It can be used for other applications such as heating litters of puppies, please call and speak to our technicians for examples BEFORE you order.
Output: 87w (please note this can be increased by placing one side against a metal sheet - this will act like a heat sink therefore increasing the wattage).
Overall Dimensions: 81cm x 58cm.
Heat Pad Dimensions: 73cm x 50cm.


snowflake shavings

Snowflake Shavings (premium white)

Premium grade white dust extracted shaving, ideally suited to rearing chicks as the birds do not have any brown shavings to peck at.


supawash rotary egg washers

Supawash Rotary Egg Washers

With a heated bucket and motorised oscillating base, it comes complete with one wash basket.
It is easy to use and all spares are available
   A - Supawash 100 (100 eggs)
   B - Supawash 200 (200 eggs)
   C - Base Unit
Replacement parts are available.
supawash rotary egg washer basket

Egg Washer Basket (100 or 200 eggs)

antec low foam egg wash powder

Antec Low Foam Egg Wash Powder

antec high foam egg wash powder

Antec High Foam Egg Wash Powder

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