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red nippi drinking systemred nippi drinking system

The Red Nipple Drinking System

Unique horizontal Red Nipple (Nippi) Drinking System.
Suitable for use in water barrels or pipe.
Foolproof to use.
Made-up nipple barrel drinkers supplied, or nipples supplied separately.
bec mini-cup drinker

Mini-Cup Drinker

The New Mini-Cup Drinker is a unique, self-filling, multi-use drinker that can be fitted to any sized water container.
It enables any container to be re-used as a flexible drinker for any breed of bird and its unique float-valve system ensures that it is always full.
At just 12.5cm wide, with a depth of 9cm, the Mini-Cup Drinker can be readily fitted at any chosen height, and any number can be fitted to any type of water container.
To Fit: simply drill a 1/2"/12mm hole at the desired height and insert the drinker into the hole, then fasten with locking nut and filter.
The Mini-Cup Drinker is a simple, easy to use, low cost, all round drinker system that does not require the use of pipe work or header tanks.
biddie drinker
biddie drinker

Biddie Drinker

The original Biddie drinker for either indoors or out.
Simple to use, easy to install.
Drinker that is ideal for starting chicks and poults.
Economical and reliable, the drinker sits on the shed floor and keeps water hygienic through its closed design.
Drinker may be shut off independently from other drinkers in the same supply line.
Adjustable water level in reservoir and trough.
Constructed of durable plastic to be corrosion free and easy to clean/maintain.
Easily removable "friction fit" one-piece cover keeps dirt and litter out of reservoir.
Safe operation at water pressures of 1-50psi (70-3450mb).
bec mini-master drinker

Mini-Master Drinker

The Mini-Master Drinker with its optional Chick Saver Ring is available with either a Water Bowl, or Dish, and is fed from a saddle connector or via a Watermaster Drinker using a side outlet connector.
bec kombo drinker 5 litre

Kombo Drinker (5 litre)

bec kombo drinker 10 litre

Kombo Drinker (10 litre)

bec kombo drinker 15 litre

Kombo Drinker (15 litre)

bec dome master drinker

Dome Master Drinker

The New Dome Master Drinker is a gravity fed, ground based game bird and poultry drinker with a centrally sprung, valve, system that ensures that the reservoir is always full.
Its transparent valve stem allows full view of the in-line filter so blockages can be quickly cleared ensuring continual water supply.
Its dome shape means there are no perching points thereby preventing water contamination and the base has a unique "ChickGrip" textured surface for improved grip for small, or young, birds.
Delivered boxed and ready to use, the Dome Master Drinker is easy to strip, clean and maintain.
Dimensions: 35cm in diameter and 22cm high.


bec 75 drinker

BEC 75 Drinker

The BEC 75 Drinker comes complete with neck, nut and hanger strap.
Designed for domestic game and rearing stock.
Size: diameter of 21.5cm.
bec watermaster 2e drinker

Watermaster 2E Drinker

The Watermaster 2E has a diameter of 32cm and is suited to Broilers, Pullets and Layers.
Its recommended use rate is 8 per 1000 birds.
Size: diameter of 32cm.
bec watermaster 3e drinker

Watermaster 3E Drinker

The Watermaster 3E has a larger cone than the 2E, a diameter of 38cm and is suitable for Turkeys and Breeding Stock.
It can be supplied ballasted.
We recommend using between 10 and 14 units per 1000 birds.


alkathene 20mm mdpe blue water pipe

MDPE Blue Water Pipe

alkathene 20mm end cap

End Cap

alkathene 20mm straight joint

Straight Joint

alkathene 20mm tank inlet elbow fitting

Tank Inlet Elbow Fitting

alkathene 20mm tee

20mm Tee

20mm to 8mm Waterpipe Fitting


red nipple
low pressure ballcock
30m rubber tubing

Red Nipple Drinking System Parts

Horizontal Red Nipple.

Low Pressure Ballcock.
Adjustable water height.
1/2" male fitting.

30m (100 ft) Rubber Tubing.
bec drinker stand

Drinker Stand (Disco Stand)

The Drinker Stand at 44cm in diameter and 7cm high, is designed to lift all drinkers up out of the litter.
bec mini-master drinker parts

Mini-Master Drinker Parts

HFTC0370 Minimaster Tubing (Green)
HCMS076 Minipipe Connector
HCMS075 Tee Minipipe 5mm
HCMS077 Tee Minipipe 6mm
HFBC0380 Tee Minimaster
HFBC0400 Valve Complete Minimaster
HCSL013 Valve Washer Minimaster
HFBC0390 Top Minimaster
HFBC0410 Plastic Float
HFBC0500 Dish Minimaster
HFBC1390 Chick Ring Minimaster
HFBC0420 Bowl Minimaster
bec watermaster drinker parts

Watermaster 2E/3E Parts

411435 1/4" x 1/4" BSP Connector
411455 1/4" BSP Nut
411481 Plastic Slider
411496 Plastic Covered Cord
411596 Valve Spring Barrel
411777 Filter Disc
411782 Stem
411797 Adjuster Collar (WM2LN only)
411802 Main Spring (Silver)
411818 Valve Washer (New S Type)
411822 Valve Seat LP (Standard)
411833 Valve Seat HP
411898 Hanger Strap
411903 Main Spring WM3E (Red)
411943 Ballast Bowl WM3E
412079 Ballast Retaining Lid WM3E
412370 Cone WM2E
412747 Saddle Connector Compression
412767 Filter Top Compression
412772 Tube Grip
412787 Watermaster Tubing (Black)
412792 Valve Stem Complete WM2LN
412807 Valve Stem Complete WM3E
412812 Side Outlet to Compression
412827 1/4" BSP to Compression
412849 Valve Stem Complete WM2E/BEC75
412908 Saddle Connector Washer
412913 Saddle Connector Screw
412933 Blanking Cap Compression
412948 Cone WM3E
413109 Cone BEC75
413114 Adjuster Collar WM2E, 3E & BEC 75
413430 Anti Splash Ring
bec dome master drinker parts

Dome Master Drinker Parts

HCBC262 Filter
HCBC263 Valve Spring
HCBC264 Valve Washer/Pin
HCBC265 Valve Nut
HCBC266 Drinker Valve
HCBC267 Dome
HCBC268 Main Spring
HCBC269 Drinker Base
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