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Unlike other forms of heating that use significant amounts of energy to heat the entire cubic volume of a building, Gasolec Infrared Heating Systems allow you to concentrate the heat directly to the animals and the floor.
You will benefit from lower fuel cost without sacrificing animal comfort.
In fact, beneath the "cone of infrared", your animals can find their own individual comfort zones resulting from the heating patterns projected by the heaters.
With no moving parts, the simple straight-forward design of Gasolec Infrared Heaters lead to low maintenance and easy service.
The advantages of Gasolec infrared heaters clearly make them the preferred choice in the animal confinement industry.
The use of high quality materials guarantee dependability and durability.
Output can be controlled via the pressure regulator making this old favourite a must for game rearing.
A full range of Spares and Accessories is available on request.
gasolec sa2 brooder

SA2 Brooder

Capacity: 100 chicks.
Complete with 2m hose and regulator. 1,500-3,000 BTU
gasolec sa4 brooder

SA4 Brooder

Capacity: 250-500 chicks.
Complete with hose/regulator (flame failure, adjustable regulator and 2m hose) 3,000-6,000 BTU (50-150mb)
gasolec sa8 brooder

SA8 Brooder

Capacity: 500-800 chicks.
Complete with hose/regulator (flame failure, adjustable regulator and 2m hose) 6,000-12,000 BTU (50-150mb)
gasolec game 5 brooder

Game 5 Brooder (800 chicks)

Complete with hose/regulator (flame failure, adjustable regulator and 2m high pressure hose) 2,500-10,000 BTU (this brooder runs on a 20-310mb regulator - included)


Sierra Radiant Heat Brooders distribute a chick comfort zone compatible to a mother gamebrd's natural environment, while maintaining the highest fuel efficiency.
Not even dawn activity, wing flap or airborne particles can degrade the performance of the brooder to monitor and manage the litter floor environment.
A range of fully fail safe brooders robustly engineered and assembled from extremely tolerant use and abuse tough materials.
Designed to provide straight-forward monitoring controls of pheasant, partridge, mallards and all type of avian birds with years of easy maintenance and reliable, economic operation.
The thermostatically controlled system establishes a reliable and dedicated automatic modulating temperature control for environmental heat needs.
Once set, the temperature remains constant within a degree or two, avoiding the risk of bird chilling.
A full range of Spares and Accessories is available on request.
sierra gb gas brooder

Sierra Gas Brooders

GB2T Brooder

Capacity: 350-450 pheasant; 650-750 partridge or mallard
3,000-9,000 BTU

GB4T Brooder

Capacity: 450-1,000 pheasant; 750-1,250 partridge or mallard
4,090-13,648 BTU

GB6T Brooder

Capacity: 600-1,200 pheasant; 950-1,450 partridge or mallard
5,850-19,500 BTU


electric heaters Heat Lamps & Infra Red Bulbs.
A full range of electric heat lamps, infra red bulbs and accessories is available on request.
The National Gamekeepers' Organisation The Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group The World Pheasant Association The British Association for Shooting & Conservation The Game Conservancy Trust